Happy to Meet You
I'm Wendy, and I possess a passion for gardening small. As an artist, designer, horticulturist and professional,  I desire to bring a balance of all the above to our living product: container gardens.

I design and create beautiful, balanced, elegant small horticultural worlds for people who love the garden but have constraints, such as limited outdoor space or physical limitations. I innovate, create and elevate container gardening to attain long-term viability that offers maximum pleasure with minimal maintenance.

Join me in this happy world!

This blog invites you to join my personal journey as an artist, a lover of things small, and a second-career horticulturist as I learn about, tinker with, and settle on great plants and plant combinations for trough gardening. I hope to hear from you, my readers, about your experiences with plants generally and container gardening specifically.

I want it to be a happy place, just as my trough world is a happy world. I hope you will join me.

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